A Truly Great Charity
from Mel Haber

I am really excited and honored to tell you that I have joined the Board of Operation SafeHouse, a truly great organization

SafeHouse is dedicated to the protection and well-being of children in crisis providing emergency shelter and a secure haven for runaway, abandoned and homeless children. As a founding member of the Riverside Anti-Trafficking Task Force, SafeHouse is the leading organization working to stem the growing epidemic of CHILD TRAFFICKING in our Coachella Valley. SafeHouse provides assistance to more than 800 children a year helping them make a new start in life.


My goal is to establish a SafeHouse Thrift Mart in the desert to provide a continuous source of funds to support this vital work. While everyone may not be able to make a cash donation, a thrift store allows caring people to donate usable goods while taking a write-off for their generosity. Additionally, a thrift store functions as an important visual identity for the charity and their mission.

The cost of opening and carrying this thrift mart for 6 months is approximately $78,000. I am personally donating $5,000 towards this goal. I respectively ask you join me to accomplish this important goal. Whether you can make a gift of $5,000 or a gift of a greater or lesser amount, please be assured that your gift will be gratefully received, and play a major role in the success of this project.


The many problems with our youth are a sad commentary on our society. We cannot just sit back and pretend it is someone else’s problem. Those of us who love this beautiful area and who enjoy its many benefits have a responsibility to the less fortunate, especially the children and teenagers. We have a saying at SafeHouse,

“Better They be Safe, than We be Sorry”

Thank you in advance for your consideration to help these children in need,

Melvyn Haber

P.S. – Should you wish to contribute, please make your check payable to SafeHouse and mail it to me at:
200 West Ramon Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264