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Educate Yourself and Others.

Get Educated: Attend conferences, training & workshops

Become a Certified Presenter: *coming soon*

Book Club: Pick up books about human trafficking then meet and discuss the book and the issue and the ways that your group can help fight human trafficking in your area and in the country. Good books on this topic are: Runaway Girl; Girls Like Us; Renting Lacy; The Girl Who Played with Fire; Half the Sky; The Johns; Children in the Game; A Sacred Bath; Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse; The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It; The Natshas: Inside the Global Sex Trade; The Slave Across the Street.

Remind Your Legislators: Write to your local and state legislators about the importance of putting an end to human trafficking; reauthorizing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and other bills or legislation that come through (like Prop 35).

Movie in the Park, in the Home, on the Big Screen: Host a screening to spread the word and educate others about human trafficking. Host suggested video screenings of: Nefarious; Dark Side of Chocolate; Sex and Money; Very Young Girls; Born into Brothels.

Create a Campaign around Fair Trade Products: Share about the benefits of Fair Trade Products and the choice we have in the global spectrum to make a difference everyday with what we buy (chocolate, coffee, clothing, etc.)

Get Involved: Support organizations that are hosting events by volunteering.

Giving takes many forms; Invest in the lives of Survivors

Collect Requested Needs: At different times victims need toiletries, clothes, school supplies, household supplies, furniture, baby clothes, bicycles, pajamas, art supplies, journals, etc. Find out if there are needs you can help with.

Hands On: Have a work party to repair a kitchen, bathroom, build a patio, etc. to provide an environment to help victims flourish.

Support a Survivor with Basic Needs: Fast food cards ($5), Wal-Mart cards, Target cards, Grocery cards ($25), Calling cards (60 min), Bus passes (SunLine), Survivor bags (per request).

Support Empowerment Needs: Sponsor a survivor’s education, GED test, trade school, art class, life skill class, English class, etc. to help them move toward self-sufficiency.

Donate to Empowerment Activities: Victims may need encouragement to step out and attend counseling sessions, therapy groups and PTSD treatment. Gift cards can help encourage them and celebrate their successes. Gift cards ($10) merchants like movie theaters, Ross, Starbucks, restaurants, iTunes, etc.

Host or attend a fundraiser: Have a local restaurant donate 20% to a trafficking agency, attend or help coordinate a fundraiser for a trafficking agency.

Invest: Commit to a monthly or annual donation to support the empowerment, treatment and survival of victims.

Your Talent & Your Time can CHANGE a Life.

Your Talent: Are you an attorney? Therapist? Dentist? Orthodontist? Optometrist? Interpreter? If so, your donation of services and talents to a survivor can change their life.

Your Connections: Do you have friends or acquaintances that can provide free or minimal cost services to victims, such as Optometrists, Dentists, legal aid, tattoo removals/cover up, interpretation or housing options?

Your Innovation: Think outside of the box. Can your office provide an opportunity for a survivor to receive job training, resume development and be “job ready” for hire? Self-sufficiency begins with a skill; can you help provide that passion and skill to a victim?

Throw a Party: Victims come from many backgrounds but many have not heard the words “I’m proud of your” or “Great job!” Host a party whether it be for graduation, program completion, new home or baby shower to celebrate the success in their lives.

Transportation: Victims have many appointments and with little ability to get to them. Upon a successful background check, you may help a victim get to and from those appointments.

Mentor: A victim only knows the life they came from. Upon a successful background screening, you can become a mentor to be a part of their goal plan and support them to achieve their dreams.

Your Talent & Your Time can CHANGE a Life.

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