Main S.T.A.Y Emergency Shelter for older homeless youth 18-24

In October 2019, SafeHouse opened a four bed emergency shelter for older homeless youth ages 18-24. The Main S.T.A.Y.  is a 30 day emergency shelter program that will assist youth in their journey from the streets into shelter and/or housing.

The Main S.T.A.Y. program has an on-site Clinician and Case Managers who provide intensive and individualized case management for each youth. The emergency shelter has the support of the SafeHouse Street Outreach Team and the Main Street Transitional Living Program staff.

Once the youth enters the Main S.T.A.Y program, their Case Manager provides them with a shower, clothing, food if needed and they are entered into the county coordinated entry system. Clinicians work with all youth entering into the Main S.T.A.Y program to ensure everyone’s safety and to provide assessments to determine what course of action is best for them. They are then provided assistance with transitional living or entering into a permanent housing situation.

Some of the services provided as part of the Main S.T.A.Y Emergency Shelter:

  • A stable, safe living environment
  • Individual counseling
  • Life-skills training
  • Medical health assistance
  • Assistance with secondary education
  • Assistance with obtaining employment
  • Financial education training
  • Service plan & case management
  • Aftercare
  • Main S.T.A.Y
  • Operation SafeHouse